Friday, March 11, 2011

Makan makan Jan-Feb

A chicken dish at Taiwan Dami, KL
Spaghetti carbonara at Mizi
Fish at Mizi
My cheesy birthday cake
Fish fillet with rice at Harvest In

Various dishes at Hai Boey Seafood, Gertak Sanggul
Mutton tandoori at Passion of Kerala
Passion of Kerala
Sweet sour pork set at Xian Ding Wei
Tofu dish at Xian Ding Wei
Choc banana of Secret Recipe
Black pepper chicken at El Casa
Cheese balls at 7 Bistro
Seafood paella at 7 Bistro
Set lunch at Yuan Izakaya
Steamboat at Sawara
Chicken Chop at Panorama, Taiping
Fried rice at Panorama, Taiping
Cheesy fish at Panorama, Taiping
Cendol at Bismillah, Taiping
Lamb at 7 Bistro
Bread crumbs fish & chips at Blue Reef, Straits Quay
Schnitzel at Kopi Cine

Saturday, November 20, 2010

First rate

It has been two weeks. Two weeks of intense walking and standing. Sick of the long bus journey to the hospital. Got tired of the rush hour crowd coming back from hospital. Sprawling campus. Nice general surgery team members, from the top to the bottom. Thanks to the housemen and medical students who got me oriented. They really carry themselves well. Valuable advice. Intriguing questions asked by consultants. Opportunities given in the OT to scrub in and assist. Very orderly wards. Proper clinics. Top notch facilities for a public hospital in a country this small. Large OT, proper changing rooms, TV screens in OT (no need to peer through gaps to observe surgery), HD cameras for laparoscopic surgeries, computerised medical records. Brain drain from Malaysia evident. So many Malaysian doctors working here. I wish to work here also.

First rate country.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Difficult times. So glad to have a 3-day break after the relentless back-to-back exams for days. Had a super, deep nap in the afternoon, with some weird dreams on going to buy strawberry drinks. Will just do some light reading tonight, seriously need a break. I am neither a sponge nor a robot. For the sake of everyone's health, this exam should end quick! All the best, conserve some energy to fight back!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Street View!

I saw a tweet by Google this morning saying that Ireland is one of the new inclusions to Street View (Antartica and Brazil being the other two). Got excited and started exploring! Put the blame on the mundane-ness of revising. When is the Malaysian one coming up?

Our ex-house, 46 Taney Road. This pictures are clearly taken after we left. The two dustbins near the front door are missing. The grass is cut short, it doesn't resemble the dense vegetations that I remember vividly. And there are election posters on the lamp post. They must be for the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council election which actually took place in the middle of 2009.

Another ex-house, 3 Clonskeagh Road. No visible changes detected. Don't know to whom it belongs to now.

The car dealer next to Trimbleston on Goatstown Road is out of business! We used to pass by this place everyday and it was full of cars.

This building project next to the school is finally completed! Cement mixer trucks used to come in and out, and the bicycle lane was always polluted by the trucks' discharge.

Friday, September 24, 2010

End of PH

The good: The end of PH, the day I have been waiting for. No more long hours, no more staying back doing rubbish. No more people who force you to travel 20+ km and stay in a room and do nothing, not even rubbish.
The bad: Big big exam is coming. Torrid, horrible, lonely time ahead. Sleepless nights? Pounding hearts? See any good things coming out of it? Inspire me, get me out of these doldrums and you will be handsomely rewarded.

Official photograph

PH farewell group picture

Monday, September 20, 2010

September Photo Essay

Two weeks of DHO posting sandwiched a long-awaited break in the middle. One short trip to Singapore, filled with some drama and back to the days of taking public transport. Lazy to type. I am going to let the pictures do the talking.

The main reason I was in Singapore, Universal Studios. Missing the train home was not part of the plan.

Our district, Seberang Perai Utara. Freaking far, sick of the long journey.

Caught a slacking civil servant in KK Butterworth. I don't know what was he doing with a blank word document that he created once we walked in.

Paddy harvesting in action. Eat so much rice, at least must see how they harvest.

Water treatment plant visit. The best place to launch an all-out attack on the population.

Food premise inspection. Would you still dare to eat at this kind of roadside eateries after knowing the truth behind the scenes?

Confiscated expired food

Check bang! Invading the privacy of people's homes looking for baby mozzies. Interesting to see whether the kids in the houses were studying or not during school holidays. Bwahaha.

One dangerous-looking weapon

Topping up tummies before fogging starts. Lucky to have a pasar malam within 400m radius. Om nom nom.

With the vector control team after an evening of murdering mummy mozzies

Disgusting stuff. All the fats and oil post-hari raya.

Sailing back to Penang. What have we done for 2 weeks in SPU?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Growing up healthily...

It's time to give something back to the community, after trespassing their territories for a few days during the survey. We had planned meticulously for the event, even forgoing the weekend to prepare for this so-called big day. As much as I hate to do artwork, I have to admit that our booth looked fabulous. Predictably, the deco on the board fell like flies. There were simply to many surfaces involved to keep them up. Board to velcro to double-sided tape to posters, etc. One of the components was bound to fail to adhere, in this case, the inferior quality double-sided tape.

Despite this minor setback, it was a huge success. The crowd was big, creating a carnival-like atmosphere. We had an impressive video on our monitor, but I don't think anybody was watching it, despite the painstaking process of subtitling it. Now I realise that subtitling is not easy, so never complain straightaway when subtitles on television go awry. We ran out of freebies (hand sanitizers and toothpastes) to give out. Some cunning kids managed to get more than one from us. Many more kids were disappointed at the end. One of the kids even managed to remember me from the survey. Haha.

Did we get our message across? Yes!

Hand & oral hygiene

Healthy eating & food hygiene

Mental health 

Dengue awareness

Anti-smoking campaign

Me directing the traffic, enticing the kids with freebies